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About OurQuest, Inc.
Here at OurQuest, Inc the road is still our best friend, we all started as Truck Drivers over 10 years ago, some were team drivers others were just husband and wives and we became one big happy family as we cruised down the 10, the 20 and of course the 40. Some days I miss it but I now know that with me on this side of the table I can make a lot of the new drivers really happy.
Most of us eventually became Owner/Operators and stayed out there a few more years. We still have two old faithfuls that still take a trip or two in the summer months. We eventually established Obglogistics Trucking Company which is where we began to get our experience talking to SHIPPERS, negotiating with BROKERS and bonding even tighter with others out on the road. For many years I thought about becoming a BROKER so that I could learn the other side of our business and in 2010 I hung up my boots and I did it.......and not just a broker but a CERTIFIED MASTER BROKER and I am currently finishing my BA  with a Minor in Logistics Management.
Whenever I am teased about my age and the fact I am going to College.....I just tell 'em ....."HE AIN'T FINISH WITH ME YET" ....."I AM JUST GETTING BETTER WITH TIME"......
If you would like to get a quote from us you can ask through our website, send us an email but I WOULD LOVE TO TALK TO YOU SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST CALL ME AT 714-561-4991 that is my personal cell phone number, the office phones can get really busy....call that number and I will GUARANTEE!!! YOU WILL TALK TO ME.....
Toni Cunningham, Certified Master Broker.....gotta love it!!!!

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